Boosted Interactive Design


Art Direction
Web Design


Kyson Dana -  Designer, Photographer
Hayden Shaum - Designer



I've been working in-house at Boosted for nearly two years. Over the years we've tackled a few major problems our business has faced. Here are a couple of examples where we saw a direct problem and sought to design a solution.




We set out to tell a true story of the product in a digital space. The board is so unique to ride. There isn't anything like it, but for most of our audience we won't have the chance to get them on a board. We needed to create a website that could communicate the true value of the product, and convey a strong sense of quality. Our aim was to to this through a strong grid structure, dynamic typography, and beautiful photography. 

We first teamed up with an agency (Ueno) to help us launch our new board. The website they created was awesome and had some stunning visuals but actually performed pretty poorly and didn't tell the story of the board like we needed it to. 


Homepage Version 1

We revamped our homepage to tell a more complete story of the board and really sell the category. We put a ton of work into surveying users, discovering what their pre-purchase concerns were and then created content webpages in order to address those problems. 

After we launching this new version of the homepage we unfortunately discovered from heat-mapping user interactions that less that 10% of our audience was actually scrolling down and reading anything. We tried a whole bunch of things out but despite our best efforts, we found that users usually treated the homepage as navigation to get somewhere, and not as the destination.





Homepage version II

With that insight, a few months later we rolled out a new homepage that was simplified, more product focused and helped guide users directly to where they were trying to go. We also took all of the "educational" content that previously existed on the homepage and moved it to product page.

This really helped simplify the user journey and get users directly to the pages they were looking for. 



In order to simplify the development process and keep the brand consistent I created a stylesheet for us to use across the various pages. Full disclosure: it's now been about 16 months since the stylesheet was created and we've deviated away from it in a lot of ways but 80% of the time we're holding true. It's probably time to do a bit of a refresh and figure out what's been working/not working.



One of the biggest challenges we've faced from a ux perspective is helping users compare boards in order to figure out which one is best for them. We tried having separate skus and treating them as different products but users ended up bouncing back and forth in order to figure out the differences between the boards. We solved this solution but create ONE board and making the Dual and the Dual+ simply a toggle choice.

We also used an accordion ux pattern for all of the educational content in an effort to reduce the length of the page.





Boosted has somewhat of a cult following behind the brand. We were excited for this next project because it was aim specifically at our growing community of board owners. The page was going to connect users to our social media feeds, to events, and to articles/videos and act as a hub for all things happening with the community.

(Read a full case study on the community page here)





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