Even though I dropped out of design school a few years ago, I've always had the desire to earn a BFA in design on my bucket-list so I've been taking classes through Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design now for a little over a year. 

I know that in today's world there is a big debate about the necessity of college when it comes to the arts and I strongly hold the opinion that you DON'T need to go to design/art school in order to get a job in the arts. No degree or outrageous amount of student debt can guarantee you a job. Employers are going to look at your portfolio. Good portfolio=good jobs. Bad portfolio=no jobs. It's pretty simple. (See, artists can do math too!)

 If you can do creative work at a top-notch level without a degree then you should never worry about going to school as a means to get a job. Because of the internet you have at your fingertips everything you will ever need in order to learn the necessary skills required in order to be super successful as a designer. We live in a time where one should seriously consider bypassing school and saving an abundance of time and money 

That being said, design and art school should be looked at as a time to explore creative directions that a job will never require, nor allow. Much can be learned while working that is far more valuable than what is taught in a classroom but the classroom offers and completely safe environment for students to explore and provides the potential for a level of creative depth that an employer will never ask for.

The reason I work late almost every night, wake up before my family, sometimes give up my weekends in order to earn a degree in design is not because I fear that I need a degree in order to get a job. It is because I love the creative process and school offers me a chance to continue to push myself in ways that I would otherwise neglect. 

Here is a project that I just completed. The task was to create a self portrait video that is under 2 minutes. I'll be the first to admit that the video came out super weird but I say that when you lack inspiration, just make it weird and then call it art. Those who don't like it obviously don't appreciate art ;) 

The video is an exploration of the self and the struggle with continuously reaching out for something more, while trying to remain grounded and centered. I hope you enjoy.