Be Always Awake

Welcome To the Chaos

Our world is like a busy anthill with everyone, rushing around, climbing, pushing and fighting to the top. It's as if there is a great panic in the air that makes us all go crazy. We're like wild animals fighting for the last scrap of food. We must get "that" job, achieve "that" promotion, buy "that" house, and we must do it all before someone else does it first and takes that opportunity away. 

While we scurry around in a great fit of worry we fight for achievements, believing that somehow gaining one more rung in the ladder of success is equal to gaining more overall satisfaction, peace, and happiness in life. 

In today's world technology can ignite that fire of madness and now one busy anthill is connected virtually to a billion busy anthills and suddenly the whole inter-connected web of colonies go crazy. It becomes non stop comparing, judging, envying and idolizing as one person's achievements are constantly held in comparison to another's. 

The Flip-Side of the Coin

On the other hand, because of technology we live in a unique time when literally anything you can dream of becoming, is possible to achieve. The internet brings opportunity right into the palm of your and you now have the chance to live anywhere and do anything.

You could travel like Andrew Collin-Beck with your young family around the world, while maintaining a successful art career.  

You could be like BC Serna and inspire a young generation to live intentionally by making short films to showcase causes and non-profits that are doing amazing things.

You could work like Sam Larsen and draw everyday and then sell stickers and t-shirts of your quick doodles. 

The internet provides so many opportunities. If you want to be something, make something or build your life in a way that will make you unbelievably happy, you can. 

We don't have to fall victim to the rat race. We don't have to fall in line, join the madness, and fight for the last scrap of meat. We live in a world of plenty. If what you are doing right now doesn't work out, something else will. Don't worry. 

The key to happiness is to realize that you are alive, to recognize that you are awake, and to take a deep breath with full awareness that you have the power to shape your life to become anything you want it to be. 

Right now in my life I am choosing to work as a designer and live near San Francisco. I am choosing to raise a little boy and I am choosing to be in love with my best friend and beautiful bride. Even just typing those words and acknowledging my ability to choose feels empowering. It's healthy to take a moment and realize that you have made your life what it is, and that you have the power to shape it to become whatever you like. 

There is no joining of the anthill madness when you realize that you are in control, and you can become whatever you dream.

How are you choosing to live your life? Share your thoughts in the comments below and discover how empowering it feels to publicly state that you live your life consciously and by choice. Give it a try.