What I Didn't Realize About My Dad Until Becoming a Dad Myself

When we moved to the Bay Area a little over a month ago my father and Sara's mom were super helpful and actually made the journey all the way from Utah to help us move and settle in. I couldn't be more grateful to them for everything that they did.

Sara's mom was amazing and stayed for over a week to help with Theo and unpacking. During the move I was especially grateful for my dad. I rented the Uhaul and had full intention of driving it the entire way alone but my dad offered to ride along, which actually turned into my dad driving the Uhaul the entire trip while I rode along. 

It was so fun cruising for hours with him in the huge truck, talking about life, goals, plans and how to find bliss along the journey. My dad is a such a great guy and has so much wisdom. There are very few people like him and I feel so grateful for how much he loves me and how he has always been there to guide me and help me become the best person I can. 

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are of him and I driving late at night having deep conversations about life and it's purpose. I feel like those discussions really have shaped me to be who I am. As a child, my dad always talked to me and explained concepts to me as though I was far older and wiser than I really was. I'll always be so grateful to him for that.

Now, after having a child of my own, I'm barely getting a glimpse at the love that my dad has had for me through all my years of life. It's so easy just to to take it for granted but I hope I never do. I love Theo more than I can describe and I feel that love growing more and more every day.

Being a dad is such an amazing experience. In some ways it's too bad I couldn't fully appreciate what my dad means to me until becoming a father myself.  This world wouldn't be nearly as great without my dad and I hope that I can always be there for my son, just like my dad has been there for me.