Hello, it's nice to meet you :)

If you want to chat, surf, or grab a drink and talk design don't hesitate shoot me an email or a tweet.  

If you want to chat, surf, or grab a drink and talk design don't hesitate shoot me an email or a tweet.


My name is Kyson and I'm a designer who thrives in bringing ideas to life. I got my start as a brand designer learning how to craft storytelling into digital products, but I've also fallen in love with more of a holistic approach to design, beyond just the visuals. I revel in problem solving, strategy, prototyping, and in designing simple user experiences.

My background is different than most. I chose to let the workplace be my teacher, rather than the classroom when I dropped out of college to take a job as a designer at Fight the New Drug—a non-profit organization that is defying the status quo and building a movement of young people who believe in fighting for love. In that role I helped shape a brand to gather over a million online followers and truly affect youth culture.

Since then, I’ve helped build other products such as Fortify and Kore, as well as other brands like SolarCity and GivePower. I’ve built things such as an online addiction recovery program, brand websites, e-commerce websites, and team communication tools. My experience ranges from branding, to crafting native apps and high traffic websites.

Currently I am working as an Art Director at Boosted in San Francisco, alongside a small creative team, as we seek to improve urban transportation. I spend most of my time these days doing brand work, photography, web design, and managing relationships with a team of freelance creatives. I also run a weekly (but not really weekly) photo/storytelling blog at saraky.com.

In a nutshell, I'm a maker. I’m not a designer who just loves to play in photoshop and make flashy images but I’m a problem solver and a self starter who isn't afraid to figure it out, take risks, and build stuff.  

Email: kysondana@gmail.com
Twitter: @kysondana

Find me on Instagram @kysondana